Saturday, May 19, 2018

May showers bring...

Lots of tall grass cuz no one can cut it.

At least the grass seed Mike planted is finally taking root.

So much news, and yet here I am, rabbitting on about the weather.

There has been another school shooting. Three words that are insane together. What is the future? Do schools need their own TSA? Will public school become an endangered institution?

So many frightening situations, the world over. War, starving people, disease.

Meanwhile, across the pond, a glamorous event unfolds and bedazzles. The first 1001 times I saw the faces of Harry and Meghan on my news feed, I kept scrolling. The last three royal weddings were not relevant to me, but this one did catch my attention. Blame it on the internet for wearing me down, I suppose...but also, Meghan's evil half siblings made me want to root for her. A little happiness for a nice couple.

Among all the tense news, this privileged lavishness is irresistible eye candy. 


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

April showers...and snow...

It's a couple days late for this, but YAY for Desiree Linden!! Woohoo, and what an awful day to be running...cold and rainy, just about the worst conditions anyone could hope not to experience. So, it's been thirty-three (33!) years since an American has worn the laurel wreath in Boston...

It's also the twentieth anniversary of our running that marathon. Impossible! I only ran one more after that (let's run like it's 1999).

So, yesterday, we had snow showers, today it appears to be dry, but it's still cold.

This is total bullsh&t.

That's all I have to say for now.

You got any more??

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Hey, it's spring out there

Finally, a warm weekend! And just in time for all this warmth, I finished a scarf. The earmuff I'm wearing started out as a scarf, until I realized that stockinette stitch does the curl thing so well that its talent is...things that should curve. I'm going to leave that sentence alone, since I really should be cleaning the inside of my car.

My car... I'm so embarrassed. This morning, I got up bright and early to return the immaculate Chevy Cruze loaner car and pick up  my own car, a filthy blue Saturn Ion. They always wash it, but--those guys saw the dusty dirty inside. The vehicle they loaned me was detailed to the point of insanity.

Anyway. On with the day. 


Sunday, April 1, 2018

Rabbit, rabbit! Happy April, which is most definitely a sign of spring...

So, what's up, doc? Honestly, it's a slow news day for me, which means that things are happy-go-normal.  Wait, wait--better than normal; I'm feeling very well, both physically and mentally. And now, the days have more light in them, in the literal sense

So far, this has been a pleasurable weekend. Yesterday, we lunched with my mother, my sister, and the local nieces, and later on today, we'll visit Mike's dad. This feels like a balanced free time to planned activity ratio. For me, anyway--I admit that I tend to waste time when I have too much of it and no structure. Having plans begs that the rest of the time be bookmarked for specific other things, like reading.

Last night's movie was Lady Bird, which was indeed very good.  It seems that I usually like coming of age movies. Last week, we were both rather disappointed with Three Billboards Outside Hibbing, Missouri.  I thought that a couple of the minor female roles were shockingly stupid--parodies of ditzy young women, and that was annoying. The major actors were all good, of course, though the transformation of one of the cops was bit too incredible...anyway, I'm glad to have had the chance to see it, since I admire Frances McDormand.

Last weekend, Mom, 3D, and I stood outside the state's capitol on a sunny day to support the student movement against gun violence. It was a relief to see such a good turnout! I had assumed that if the Sandy Hook shooting didn't change anything, nothing could...but perhaps there is hope, after all.  Witnessing survivors old enough AND organized enough to stand up and shout is new. That really shakes things up, as it should!

There are times when it sounds like we are a nation at war with itself, but then--all countries have this. Even with the president we have, such as he is, we're a little too stable for another civil war. And who knows? Perhaps our country will come out of this lousy experience grateful for a time when we don't have to read about our president every. single. day.  We cans start focusing on cat videos and baby pictures again.

Well,  I hear Mike coming up the stairs, getting ready to focus on the latest Will Shortz puzzle, and I must away...'til another day...

Must do the things I half-way, sort of , planned to do...


Sunday, March 4, 2018

First March Weekend

Finally, a totally sunny day, minus the power-stealing, tree-breaking, chime-singing wind! A breeze is nice, but a gale...

Sixteen days until Spring, right? The yearly yearn.

March has two full moons, one in the beginning, one at the's one of the longer months, and it needs to be; after all, it takes time for the worm to turn. Is that why it's called the worm moon?

On Friday, March 2nd, four of us traveled out to Womelsdorf for a quiet closure ceremony. Mike's mother lived a quiet, gentle life and she didn't want anything complicated. I imagine that she would have felt sorry for us, gathered in a cemetery in the weather we had on Friday, and grateful it was just the four of us! Actually, we got lucky: it stopped raining for a bit. That was nice. She was always so considerate.


The fact that we can lose someone, and then life goes on, is a scarring gift.  Our niece leaves tomorrow, but she will be back soon, vowing to stay in close touch with her grandfather, and she may not come alone, next time. My father-in-law must now go through a big transition, which will happen as it does, only time will tell.

One day follows another, we continue to make plans, set our goals, try to stay well. And enjoy today, especially that.

I love listening to Moth Radio Hour while I knit. Currently, I'm working on a scarf in double-seed stitch. It takes me so long to catch on to anything like that, that I'll become a bit fixated, for awhile. Honestly, it's good for me, because I have to pay attention. It's almost meditative. Also, I'm trying to learn how to race-walk. It's surprisingly hard, and half the time, I'm pretty sure that I'm actually sort of jogging with a seriously weird gait. In an actual race walking event, it's illegal to ever have both feet off the ground--they call that flying, and if you get caught a certain number of times, you're disqualified. I love that term--flying. Not accidentally jogging or running, or even traveling, but flying.  Use that in a sentence: I was disqualified for flying (and no, I wasn't in the house).

Well, I need to stop yammering on for now. Mike and I actually have somewhere to go--more about that later.


Monday, February 19, 2018


Yesterday was the 29th anniversary of our wedding, and as I woke up, it struck me that the weather was the same; after our wedding, we'd driven down to Williamsburg, Virginia, and the next morning, as we woke up, we thought it was raining. Fortunately, opening the curtains introduced us to a lovely, sunny day--with lots of dripping going on. That was the case here yesterday, too. We had a flash-snow. And no, I couldn't actually hear the thaw, but it was very visible, big wads of fluff falling from the trees. One of our neighbors had managed to construct two fairly large snow people, and I wondered when they'd done that and where they'd gotten so much snow. Their tenure (the snow people's) didn't last long...

Twenty-nine much has happened. We're close to retirement, now. Time has flown and sometimes inched forward in slow traffic. We've lost close family members and cooed at baby nieces. I've had a few jobs. We've stayed in the same house, as a nearby highway was constructed, followed by a major townhouse development down the street. I've worked in the same building for ten years, but the job has undergone a metamorphosis. And, I suppose, so have I.

We've spent more years married than unmarried--I mean, over half our lives. We were 25 and 26 at the time. I'm so thankful that we still have each other! As time goes by, it becomes more obvious that nothing is to be taken for granted.

And now, it's time to start another day...


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Rabbit, Rabbit!

Rabbit, rabbit, moon gazers, happy lucky February! Even if this is the month that gets short shrift. No full moon for you. That's okay, there's a federal holiday and Valentine's Day. And Mike and I have another anniversary. The years, they go 'round and 'round.

Honestly, I am so over January.   At first, it was a time when Mike's mother finally got moved into an assisted living place close enough for Mike's dad to visit everyday--which was a relief. However, about two weeks later, she is back in the hospital, and this time, she's in intensive care. She needs more than assisted living...once again, none of us know what will happen.

We've also heard distressing news from other quarters--an uncle of mine had to have part of a leg amputated, and very recently, heard that one of our book group members suddenly passed away. So many sad life changes, so many reminders to be thankful for the here and now.

Look, it's getting sunny outside...It may be freezing, but it looks like a lovely day. I dressed like Ms. Michelin to jog my laps this morning, but didn't mind so much.

So, let's start February...I look forward to celebrating our anniversary, visiting friends, reading, and working toward my little goals. Listening to interesting radio and drinking good beer. Pizza, sushi, pasta, rice and curry. Bring it on...