Sunday, October 14, 2018

It's My Blog and I'll Grouse if I Want To

Look what I found on Pinterest! A little late, but no matter...

The weather suddenly became autumnal, finally, and before I get up and out this morning, let me be a little petty: How DARE Melania Trump declare herself to be the most bullied person in the WORLD!

Honestly, I do not know much about her, I had not formed an opinion, but now I think she's as daft as HE is.

The press has an unfortunate habit of commenting on how women dress--ask Hillary Clinton. During her husband's first inauguration (which I saw very little of), I remember a commenter saying something snarky about how obvious it was that Hillary did not care much for fashion. Hillary was a career woman who always dressed as if she were going to work. She was never a model or actress. Hillary has had her attire ridiculed, she has been investigated, she has endured the LOCK HER UP chants at HIS rallies, and of course suffered through her husband's behavior.

Oh, but poor, poor, Melania! If she were smarter, and wanted to make a statement, she could invent a uniform for herself.  Or dress like a congresswoman.

A TV program Mike and I have enjoyed is Penn and Teller's Fool Us, emceed by Alyson Hannigan. I've been struck by the fact that she has one dress per season. The guys wear the same (or identical) suits every show, and she follows--suit. It's not about ogling Alyson.

I don't know why this topic popped back into my head this morning...and so early. Heh.

With that said, Happy Sunday!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Rabbit, Rabbit! Happy Lucky September

If this be the first of September, that would mean that Mike and I are soon on our way to vacation. And so, 'tis...September took me by such surprise that I actually forgot to say my rabbitses this morn, forcing me into tibbar-tibbar mode. Not that there's a hard and fast rule that all maties must say it first thing, anyway.

This year, we are returning to our favorite resort after missing it last year. Yes, there have been reports of scary events happening close to this area. We never leave the resort--we don't venture into Playa del Carmen. Heck, we don't even drink in the pool. Tame mammals are we! And no, there won't be any rabbits there, just coatis, lizards, birds, butterflies, and the occasional stray cat. Well, sometimes there are lots of cats, because everyone feels sorry for them. Kitties get fed. Coatis, they shoo--but don't harm, since they are protected, and are better off without our food. (Most don't come around--I usually see them in the early morning, especially after a rain, slurping up insects and whatnot at the base of trees.)

I'm looking forward to hearing the ocean and relaxing on the beach--and the food, too.


Our most recent movie was Paddington 2. Yes. It was mighty entertaining and well-done. Hugh Grant played a villain again with his usual aplomb, which should scare him a little. His dastardly character frames Paddington for the theft of a valuable book, and the cute little bear goes to jail! While Paddington is locked up, he gains a crowd of unlikely friends. He teaches the jail cook how to make marmalade, which requires a ton of oranges for the number of inmates involved. At this point,  I thought, wait a minute, where'd they get all those oranges? But then, I remembered that we were watching a movie about a little bear who spoke in an English accent and knew how to make marmalade. That's how dragged-into the movie I was. By the way, we did not see the first Paddington movie, but it was easy to catch on.

Our book discussion group chose to read The Mars Room, by Rachel Kushner. It's dark, though there is some humor, which is also dark. There's plenty to talk about. It's wonderfully written and not too long.


Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Rabbit, Rabbit, Happy Lucky August!

Gracious me, did I skip July?? This year is humming right along, isn't it?

August has been called the Sunday of summer, but--there's still plenty of warm weather to be had, and weeks until school starts.

I'm thinking of all the people in Northern California, and hoping they are safe. It was a relief to hear that my Uncle Michael and Aunt Sandy are out of harm's way. Ah, lovely Lewiston...and Shasta, Redding, and Weaverville, the whole heartbreaking.

On a happier note, I've had some wonderful quality time with my mother and sisters this summer, for which I am thankful.

And there are so many bunnies in the yard and birds chirping...such vibrant signs of life and joy.

Happy August!


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A Beautiful Morning

Good morning!

I wish everyone felt as well as I do right now. And it also happens to be a lovely day.

In our present political climate, the sci-fi books that came out of the McCarthy era are getting another rotation, in particular, Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury.  This past weekend, I was listening to a story on NPR that discussed the various adaptations of this novel, and the segment also included an interview of a high school teacher who was casting students for the play. His students impressed him with their thoughtfulness, and one of the students who wanted to play Captain Beatty was a girl. Tjos teacher's first reaction was...but that's a male character...WAIT.

Stop right there--I am motivated to reread this book. But this reminded me, yet again, that as prescient as so many sci-fi writers were about technology and social concerns, they all had a blind spot. I suspect this male teacher caught himself pretty quickly; in 2018, the fire captain can certainly be a woman! This young woman had specific reasons for wanting to play that part, and I enjoyed hearing her reading.

Even Philip Dick, the big idea man, the brain behind some of the best science fiction around, wrote some stories that make me want to smack him. Posthumously.

Okay, random mini-rant over, I'd better get clean and packed for work...


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

You Get a Cold....and YOU Get a Cold...

Okay, no joke, the ladies in my warren have been mighty sick. It seems to have started with one sister and spread to the others, their mother, and a sister-in-law. Sad news.

Severe sore throats, coughing, and congestion were the symptoms, to varying degrees, someone even had achy ears. Personally, Saturday night was my worst, and my symptoms included an achy left armpit. This got my paranoia machine purring so loudly that I hopped into the bathroom to find something to put me to sleep. It turns out that cheap knock-off brand of something like Nyquil (should be Night swill), even if expired, works just fine. Same goes for that cough suppressant I time someone gets sick around here, we'll have to go out and buy new stuff because I've lapped up everything there is.

I'm feeling dramatically better today. My throat is still a bit sore, but nothing like it was, and the cough is almost completely gone. I believe I'll sleep without medicating tonight!

Hopefully, everyone will feel human by this weekend.

How are you doing?

Friday, June 1, 2018

Rabbit rabbit, Happy June 1st

To me, June is the official start of summer, even if summer solstice doesn't actually arrive until almost the end of the month. Give me a break; culturally, it is now summer.

What's going on? Well, Lara and Emily were here very recently, and we had a delightful visit. They wanted to go to The Midtown Scholar and poke around, so we did. Mike and I discovered that the rare book room goes way way down and back...we almost made it to Narnia, I think. There are way more books in this place than meets the eye. Then, we had coffee or tea and muffins, because it would be a shame to go without doing that. We hardly ever think of going there, and honestly, my pile is so high that I don't really need another book.

We also ate well (but of course), meandered through a local antique mall, and took a stroll through the hometown. It's a great place to walk, and we got lucky with the weather.

Oh, and we discovered that we could fit five people in Della's Prius. And no, we did not need the giant shoe horn.

Mike and I really need to travel north soon to visit. I'd love to see Lowell, and it would be nice to see Xena again...the cute little chiweenie is going to be eighteen (!) years old in the near future.

June sneaked up on us...we just realized that we have book group THIS Sunday, and the couple who are hosting it are doing a brunch instead of an evening gathering, appropriate since we will be discussing a book about coffee.

SO, whatchaupto?

Saturday, May 19, 2018

May showers bring...

Lots of tall grass cuz no one can cut it.

At least the grass seed Mike planted is finally taking root.

So much news, and yet here I am, rabbitting on about the weather.

There has been another school shooting. Three words that are insane together. What is the future? Do schools need their own TSA? Will public school become an endangered institution?

So many frightening situations, the world over. War, starving people, disease.

Meanwhile, across the pond, a glamorous event unfolds and bedazzles. The first 1001 times I saw the faces of Harry and Meghan on my news feed, I kept scrolling. The last three royal weddings were not relevant to me, but this one did catch my attention. Blame it on the internet for wearing me down, I suppose...but also, Meghan's evil half siblings made me want to root for her. A little happiness for a nice couple.

Among all the tense news, this privileged lavishness is irresistible eye candy.