Monday, February 19, 2018


Yesterday was the 29th anniversary of our wedding, and as I woke up, it struck me that the weather was the same; after our wedding, we'd driven down to Williamsburg, Virginia, and the next morning, as we woke up, we thought it was raining. Fortunately, opening the curtains introduced us to a lovely, sunny day--with lots of dripping going on. That was the case here yesterday, too. We had a flash-snow. And no, I couldn't actually hear the thaw, but it was very visible, big wads of fluff falling from the trees. One of our neighbors had managed to construct two fairly large snow people, and I wondered when they'd done that and where they'd gotten so much snow. Their tenure (the snow people's) didn't last long...

Twenty-nine much has happened. We're close to retirement, now. Time has flown and sometimes inched forward in slow traffic. We've lost close family members and cooed at baby nieces. I've had a few jobs. We've stayed in the same house, as a nearby highway was constructed, followed by a major townhouse development down the street. I've worked in the same building for ten years, but the job has undergone a metamorphosis. And, I suppose, so have I.

We've spent more years married than unmarried--I mean, over half our lives. We were 25 and 26 at the time. I'm so thankful that we still have each other! As time goes by, it becomes more obvious that nothing is to be taken for granted.

And now, it's time to start another day...


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Rabbit, Rabbit!

Rabbit, rabbit, moon gazers, happy lucky February! Even if this is the month that gets short shrift. No full moon for you. That's okay, there's a federal holiday and Valentine's Day. And Mike and I have another anniversary. The years, they go 'round and 'round.

Honestly, I am so over January.   At first, it was a time when Mike's mother finally got moved into an assisted living place close enough for Mike's dad to visit everyday--which was a relief. However, about two weeks later, she is back in the hospital, and this time, she's in intensive care. She needs more than assisted living...once again, none of us know what will happen.

We've also heard distressing news from other quarters--an uncle of mine had to have part of a leg amputated, and very recently, heard that one of our book group members suddenly passed away. So many sad life changes, so many reminders to be thankful for the here and now.

Look, it's getting sunny outside...It may be freezing, but it looks like a lovely day. I dressed like Ms. Michelin to jog my laps this morning, but didn't mind so much.

So, let's start February...I look forward to celebrating our anniversary, visiting friends, reading, and working toward my little goals. Listening to interesting radio and drinking good beer. Pizza, sushi, pasta, rice and curry. Bring it on...



Saturday, January 13, 2018


...and a very welcome weekend, it is! Even if this morning is cold and not exactly picturesque. The temperature must have dropped thirty degrees last night, not a common occurrence. Yesterday, spring, today, back to your normally scheduled program.

This is the week that started with a late-afternoon Sunday phone call from Mike's dad, fearful that he'd just had a stroke. Of course, we left for Annville right away. I stayed back with Mike's mom, hoping to keep her calm, but these days, I have no way of reading her. By the time Mike got back with Bob, she may have forgotten why I was sitting there. This may explain her seeming agitation, and be what Bob means when he says that Sharon needs to know where he is and what he's doing all the time; she can't remember, that would make her anxious. Poor Sharon.

Bob did have a TIA, or mini stroke, and we have reason to believe that this is not the first one. He was admitted to the hospital, and at the time, we made the decision to drive Bob's car out there, so that he could drive home when he was discharged. This was Bob's idea, and it seemed like the thing to do at the time, but then he wound up staying for two nights. The staff wanted him to stay longer, but he insisted on getting home to his wife. Okay, they said, but he had to be driven home. So, on Tuesday night, Mike and I went back out to Annville to move the car that never should have been there in the first place. Turns out, the same agency of caretakers they have during the day (and night, if need be) will happily provide them with transportation. You can tell we're new to this.

Honestly, when we saw Bob Tuesday night, I perceived a bit of a change. Was I being objective? I didn't know, until we got back to the hospital's parking lot and he tried to insist that I was walking up to the wrong car. The car I'd consciously parked the way my Mom would: I found a space that allowed me to pull through to the one behind it, so he wouldn't have to back out. Perhaps this threw him, and he was looking for a car butt instead--but no, he was favoring a car that had little in common with his own. Now I'm scared.

Fortunately, Bob has come to the conclusion that he and Sharon cannot stay where they are. He certainly cannot take care of her. If all goes well, Sharon will move out into a very nice looking home nearby, and Bob will not be long on her heels. In the meantime, hopefully, he'll allow his caregivers to help him get around. When I stated that this home was nearby, I meant near to where Bob and Sharon are living right now. Those sweet visions of them living just down the road from us? I need to snap out of it. But this will be a major improvement; as long as Mike's parents are being cared for, we can relax and plan happier visits.

Mike has finished the first week of his six month contract, I will shortly celebrate ten years working in the same building, and life goes on. And I'm reminded all the time to get out there and enjoy it while I can.

So, welcome Saturday! Let this longer weekend begin...whatchaupto? (If Blogger lets you comment)

Monday, January 1, 2018

Rabbit, Rabbit, Happy New Year!

Yes, I know that Chinese New Year is more than a month away, but, since 2018 will be The Year of the Dog, let's celebrate that special relationship and hope that that saying about going to the dogs doesn't apply here.

Mike and I had the splendid and easy holiday season we wished on everyone else. We visited family, played games, and ate a lot of food. And drank some, too. I just noticed that the rabbit in my hare picture has fingers. That's wrong. Anyway, one game I especially enjoyed was Fibbage, from Jackbox games. Fibbage reminded me a little bit of Cards Against Humanity, except more fun because we got to make up all the answers ourselves. Well, except THE answer... Hilarious. We need to do this more often.

On New Year's Eve, we once again enjoyed great company, good food, and wonderful wine. Cheers!

As much as I've enjoyed the social aspect of the holidays, it's always somewhat of a relief to get back to normal. This year is starting out more normally than we'd expected; even though Mike got laid off a few days ago, he will return to his same digs, same job in a few days, only this time, he will be the employee of another company, under a six month contract. Everyone is happy with this arrangement, especially Mike.

It is a beautiful, albeit cold, day outside, and it's time for me to get up and start this new year...I did make some modest resolutions, after all.

Rabbit, rabbit, everyone, Happy Lucky New Year!!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

It's all bluster here, incredibly windy, a dusting of snow, our trees still sporting some withered brown leaves that never dropped. The warm spell we had fooled them.

Today will be a pleasant day of visiting family. This year, it's a relief to have our niece Sarah in town, staying with her grandparents for a few days. She's a saint to do this, leaving her home and friends for the holidays to make her grandparents' holiday more cheerful. And safer.

Last night, Mike and I took our customary walk around the neighborhood, light gazing, and found far less illumination than last year. For one thing, our neighbor two doors down, whose property used to be ablaze with lights and novelties, now has solar panels on the roof and has gone cold-turkey minimalist. In general, it was quiet out there, too. We came back and watched part of It's a Wonderful Life, and snacked around for a late dinner.

Oh, and before that, I had incredible luck in Scrabble and beat Mike. Really, I got all the s's and a blank, and got to play SLEAZES as a bingo, rather late in the game. That's always annoying, I know. Mike was able to console himself in the fact that it was definitely my turn to win a game. We played every day on the cruise, and he won every game--most were close, good games, and I was happy with that.

Saturday's movie was The Founder, a movie about Ray Kroc, the man who founded the McDonald's franchise. Michael Keaton is always good, and he pretty much carried the movie. The McDonald brothers were also well played by Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch (who was cast as Drew Carey's brother on The Drew Carey Show).  The movie successfully depicts Kroc as a complex individual, and I felt nothing but sympathy for Dick and Mac McDonald, who had world views and values that clashed with Ray Kroc's. They were quiet geniuses.


I've recently started enjoying a blog that should have been front and center in my life for a long time, but--well, without further ado, it's Book Riot. There are lots of good articles there!

And now, I should get off the computer and get some exercise before eating today.

Whatchaupto?  (IF you can comment. Blogger is having issues...)

Thursday, December 14, 2017


On a gentle Thursday morning, in about an inch of snow, I added my prints to the ones of bunnies and kitties. Thankful for my energy and good mood, finally remembering to listen to some Christmas music...for only a few days a year.

It's been a busy week, it'll be a busy weekend, a busy season! But I will not fret about being tired, no. I'll rejoice in having these shared moments with others. Life is so fleeting.

Let me try to hold on to this invigorated, cheerful feeling.


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Holiday Cruise 2017

Our annual holiday cruise started in Miami this year, and we stayed at the YVE Hotel in a room that was extremely small, which in this case means smaller than the cabin we would have on the ship. It was almost all bed. I'm not complaining, we were only there for the night, but it's a testament to how precious space is in Miami. This hotel is very close to the Port of Miami, and the area has lots to offer. I was impressed by the fact that there is a local FREE monorail loop they call the people mover. Wish we had some free public transportation in our neck of the woods!

We found a nice place for dinner down by the water...


The next day, we boarded Celebrity's Equinox and--I completely forgot to take pictures of our cabin. Since we were on a larger, newer ship, there were some nice upgrades. And we did have a little balcony. I took a fair amount of pictures there.


The first stop was Key West, where we decided to tour the Hemingway house again...

All the cats are named after famous people, and this here is Billie Holliday. She got to be The Cat on the Bed for this tour. Last time we were here, which must have been a decade ago, it was Archibald MacLeish--this time, we paid our respects...he was a lovely orange cat.

  A cat, just cuz...

It was, once again, a very entertaining and informative tour.

And before we leave, here is an obligatory photo of the ship docked at Key West.

My photos are all jumbled up, but no matter; this is our snorkeling day at Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands. It was a perfect day for it--clear water, pretty fish, fun boat ride. We also saw the Kittiwake Ship Wreck, where we swam with a school of very pretty purple fish and watched scuba divers get up close and personal with the retired ship below. The bubbles coming up from their tanks were as fascinating as the fish....

I know my mom wants to see a couple photos of us, dressed up, so here they are...the one on the top was taken in the library. The ship was adorned with many trees, very decked out. Heh, decked out...

See the butterfly in this picture, sitting next to a nice rust spot? It was vivid lime green and black. Some kind of swallowtail, I think. It didn't look real, but it was--I saw it fly.

Unfortunately, I'm having some trouble finding all my pictures; the computer did some kind of update, yeah, it's not my fault. Actually, I don't take the best pics, anyway.

We had a great time--on Costa Maya, we went to a water park, and on Cozumel, we went to the beach.

The food was wonderful, as usual--wait, wait, I have a dessert picture. I never do this, but Sari, an assistant waiter, goaded me into it. She was way too cute..

This is what I'm going to be attempting to burn off in the weeks to come.

It's a hard knock life, getting off the ship and then having to fend for oneself.

Happy Holidays! Whatchaupto?