Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It's almost December. Goodness, gracious!

Snap, crackle, pop...that's me getting out of bed this morning. I might have sleep position issues. As I shuffle out of bed, stiff back, stiff neck, stiff knees, I notice that my right ankle is not sounding off. Good. 'Bout time.

Today, before work, I'm having my yearly mammogram, which should take half the usual time. However, I'm going to a different place--actually, it will seem both different and the same, since I'll be beating the same path I've already trampled on the way to those thirty-three radiation treatments. This time, I'm hoping that someone actually looks at my pictures before I go. Not that I'm worried at all--just hoping a cancer center has a higher standard of care.  If I actually get to see my surgeon, that will be a bonus. I'd like to thank her for doing such a good job.

The years go by faster and faster...I must say that I'm grateful to have arrived on the latter side of 2016. Thanksgiving was wonderful, and we are cruising again shortly, and Christmas arrives shortly thereafter. Festive times! 

Our first stop on the cruise (the same for several years) is St. Croix. We always walk to the same small beach club, where we happily flop on the sand and bask in the fact that we are on the beach. This year, we both wonder, will anyone on the island be advertising their link to Alexander Hamilton, who grew up there? We won't be in the same port, though. Later, we'll also be on Nevis, where he was born. It would be impossible not to see these islands with different eyes this year.

On this map, St. Croix is not labeled by name, which I find strange. Frederiksted is a pleasantly sleepy place, and we're always there on a Sunday, when all the locals are going about their usual relaxed Sunday business.

December really caught me off guard this year. It's hard to believe that it's been a year since I was diagnosed with cancer, soon to be a year since my surgery...I've come a long way, feel a lot better,
and am much more relaxed. There are so many issues that I am no longer having. I'm torn between wanting to forget how bad some things were, and wanting to remember, so as to be all the more grateful for feeling so much better.

For now, I really must get to it--Cheers!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Mouth Off!

Here we are, in mid-November...and I am planning to enjoy the rest of this year. Thanksgiving, our cruise, Christmas with family, and New Year's Eve with friends. So there!

That said, I am still reeling and mourning what is going on in our country right now. That 53% of white women voted a misogynist man into office--inconceivable. Are these the Fifty Shades of Grey fans? I mean, WTF???? 

And about these post-election protests: I sympathize with how they feel, but--this is not productive. We all have a right to protest, but we do not have a right to damage property. These frustrated individuals need to organize behind the LGBT community and our planet, and do so quickly.  We need a focused protest, and I have faith that it will happen.


I've read so many sad articles.

An American Tragedy, in New Yorker Magazine.

Garrison Keillor's Op-ed

And now: a bunny in la la land. I'm feeling good, getting over the first cold to hit me in ages. It wasn't a bad one. And it's a bright and sunny day out there, and it's the first Veterans Day I've had off in years, and I should be outside an hour ago. Speaking of being focused and constructive...

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rabbit, rabbit!

November...here we are, again. This is the first year that I can look back and remember this part of last year quite clearly. That is not usually the case! But this year, I have a heightened sense of gratitude for being on the other side of a scary diagnosis. How should I count my anniversaries? Personally, I'm starting with the date I officially heard the word cancer, which was Black Friday last year--so, in that case, it will soon be one year. Or perhaps it's more appropriate to celebrate the end of treatment.

However I look at it, time will pass, and I will not dwell on what could happen, but instead on what is happening. Right now, I am feeling very well; almost every morning, I get up and take a good walk without any problems. Well, except for that desire to sleep in, which can be overwhelming at times...because some things never change.


This November is significant for another reason...we all have one more week of biting our nails, waiting to see what our general election brings. I'm trying not to panic. Nate Silver actually has a column about this.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. I like Wednesdays. Whatchaupto?\