Friday, November 11, 2016

Mouth Off!

Here we are, in mid-November...and I am planning to enjoy the rest of this year. Thanksgiving, our cruise, Christmas with family, and New Year's Eve with friends. So there!

That said, I am still reeling and mourning what is going on in our country right now. That 53% of white women voted a misogynist man into office--inconceivable. Are these the Fifty Shades of Grey fans? I mean, WTF???? 

And about these post-election protests: I sympathize with how they feel, but--this is not productive. We all have a right to protest, but we do not have a right to damage property. These frustrated individuals need to organize behind the LGBT community and our planet, and do so quickly.  We need a focused protest, and I have faith that it will happen.


I've read so many sad articles.

An American Tragedy, in New Yorker Magazine.

Garrison Keillor's Op-ed

And now: a bunny in la la land. I'm feeling good, getting over the first cold to hit me in ages. It wasn't a bad one. And it's a bright and sunny day out there, and it's the first Veterans Day I've had off in years, and I should be outside an hour ago. Speaking of being focused and constructive...

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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  1. I was up to errands and retail therapy. I bought two pairs of black slacks, 'cause that's about all I wear, an off-white cardigan, and a random blouse.
    Then I went to the Farmers' Market and got stuff.
    Beautiful day as you said.
    I'm plotting how I can be effective in helping gays and pro-choice folks. Gotta stop crying and do the right thing.