Saturday, September 3, 2016

Dory Has Nothing On Me

We recently had a picnic in our backyard with a few friends and family. A small gathering. The morning of this little event, I realized we needed one of those plastic table covers for our wooden table (which I'd meant to sand and paint this year), so off I went to the dollar store.

Every time I go to the dollar store, I see stuff we need! Okay, first the table cloth. Then--am I positive we have enough plastic flatware? Hmm, no. Not sure. Look! Forty-eight (48) forks for a dollar! Spoons, too. Might as well.

When I go home, my husband seemed surprisingly crestfallen that I had gotten more utensils. My reply was something like, no biggie, they don't go stale...

No biggie. Right. Yesterday, that top shelf, where all the paper and plastic lives, got on my nerves. So, I brought everything down to organize it. Oh, my...we have plastic utensils---for years. Mike snickered. Do you remember anything about those  special, sturdy knives? he asked....Ah, those are The Special Unitarian Biodegradable Knives. It's all coming back to me. That was a long time ago...

Then, when I got off work today, my car wouldn't start. It wasn't the battery, cuz the lights were on, and the radio was on, and the windows rolled down...oh, what's that light indicator? I look it up in the manual, yeah, it's an anti-theft feature, but what do I do? It doesn't say. I hate to do this, but--I call Mike. He reminds me: I need to wait about ten minutes. What a drag. Both the waiting, and the forgetting that I have to wait. I was the one to google this problem, in the first place... It all comes back to me now. It's one of those seldom-problems. I should put a sticky note in the owner's manual for next time, so I don't forget again and worry the poor hubby. (He actually showed up to make sure I got moving.)

Hey, it just occurred to me that my car is the same color as Dory. I don't know why anyone would want to steal it, except--it's very common. Hmm, that could be an asset.


Our movie tonight is Hail, Caesar!

Finally, a comedy, instead of one of those downers we've been watching. Not that I can name the last one...

Friday, September 2, 2016

And now there are two...

Friday! Friday! September 2nd-- about 2/3 of the year is gone.

And the kiddos are back in school already...that means that culturally, summer is over.

Wait--I work tomorrow...that's okay; it's Labor Day Weekend, so I still have Sunday and Monday off.

On Sundays, at 5:30pm, Mike and I play Scrabble.

I'm always looking for strange new words, especially ways to get rid of a rack full of vowels.

Remember, y'all: we are here to do something we enjoy every day. If you don't get to choose, then you need to concentrate on enjoying something you have to do.

Right now, I am between books, and will have a merry time deciding what to read next...that's my fun project for today. Oh! Wait, there's more: Masters of Illusion is on tonight. It's not as good as Fool Me, not by a long shot, but it's a magic show. We'll watch it while eating dinner. That's festive.

AND I'm enjoying blogging even more now that there's this neat feature that corrects my typos as I go! No more of that zigzag underlining, that nagging red stuff.

So. Have fun this weekend. If you must work, and if this is no fun at all, then make sure your evening is your own design.

Evening designs. The design of an evening. Designs on the evening....

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Rabbit, Rabbit!

This new blog is named after its birthday...September 1st. And on the first of every month, it's good luck to scream yell whisper mumble or any other way utter RABBIT RABBIT!

Not that I'm at all superstitious, mind you. It's simply something I do. January 1st would be a more conventional time to start a blog, but...I feel like doing that now.'s one of the best weather months, in my neck of the woods, and also the month we get to go to the shore, and this year, September feels like a new beginning for me.

And now for the inaugural book chat:

A friend from a small book discussion group gave me this profound work of art:

Teva Harrison was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer at the age of 37. This is her memoir about living as long and as fully as she can. I'd never heard of Teva Harrison, but I am so glad that she is on my radar now! She is an inspiration to absolutely everyone. And she has a blog!

Cheers! Good luck in September!